VERTICAL WORLD EQUIPMENT distributes a wide range of premium quality climbing and outdoor equipment. We also provide a premium climbing shoe resoling service. The company is owned and operated by people with a passion for climbing and the great outdoors!BREAKING NEWS!!

The Rock Pillars brand is being removed and incorporated into the OCUN brand and will no longer be mentioned on products going forward. This is a strategy from RP Climbing to consolidate all their products under one name and brand. The same great quality will be inside the shoes but Ocun will be on the outside.

New Ocun logo

Our product range includes:

  • Hardware such as quickdraws and carabiners manufactured by AustriAlpin in Austria.
  • Harnesses, bouldering pads, climbing shoes and slings from Ocun in the Czech Republic
  • Tents from Hilleberg in Sweden. These tents are regarded as some of the best light weight expedition and camping tents in the world.
  • World renowned skin repair products from Climb On! Products in the USA. These totally natural products work miracles with damaged skin after a long day of climbing.
  • Powerfingers has been introduced to our portfolio, endorsed by leading international climbers as a preventative aid for muscle fatigue and tendon strain.
  • Funky head scarves from WindXtreme for those chilly winter camping trips or those windy multi-pitch climbs.
  • Fluorescent key rings from Nitestik – to make your car keys glow in the dark, or to identify your tentpegs at night.

Climbing shoe resole service
We also provide a premium climbing shoe resoling service using the best rubber from Rock Pillars and Vibram. Most of the country’s best rock climbers send their favourite shoes to us to give them a new lease of life. We strive to deliver the best quality re‐sole possible and are committed to getting you back on the rock in the shortest possible time.