We strive to deliver the best quality re-sole possible and are committed to getting you back on the rock in the shortest possible time.

We only resole rock climbing shoes. Our resole business is situated in Johannesburg – we bought the business in October 2010 from the previous owners. Our dedicated and experienced resoling technician, OJ, is in charge of our resoling workshop and to date we have resoled more than 2 000 pairs of climbing shoes. Prices are kept to an absolute minimum and there is no need for deposits. In fact, in the interest of customer satisfaction and quality of service, we offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the workmanship. After all, the only way to ensure that a sustainable business grow, is to make certain that every climber who sends shoes our way is happy with the outcome.

Our Services and Prices

Our workshop is equipped to replace worn rands and/or worn soles on climbing shoes.

Prices are as follows:

Resole only: R600 per pair
Rerand and Resole: R650 per pair

We are able to offer a discount if you provide us with 10 pairs of shoes or more at a time. Please contact us directly at info@verticalworld.co.za for special prices.

Our Materials

To replace soles, we use the latest and greatest XSGrip rubber from Vibram or Cat 1.5® rubber from Ocun. Some of the best climbing shoes in the world are made using this rubber.

To replace the rand (i.e. upper rubber parts) around a climbing shoe, we use extremely durable randing rubber from Vibram and Ocun.

Our Technique

Because we are climbers ourselves, we understand that the shape of your favourite climbing shoes is extremely important to you. Using specialised equipment and the correct thickness of rubber, we spare no effort to maintain the shape and curvature of the shoes during the resoling process. Some of the best climbers in SA send their high‐end shoes to us for resoling for exactly this reason. Not all shoes are made to the same standards or are in the same condition when it is sent to us ‐ we therefore cannot guarantee that we will always be able to maintain/restore the exact shape and curvature of all shoes sent to us for resoling.

Turnaround Time

We typically provide a turnaround time of about 4 weeks, but in exceptional cases we can fast track a pair of shoes through the process.

Where to Find Us

Our drop-off and pick-up points are at the following climbing gyms in Gauteng:

  • MCSA office inside City Rock, Johannesburg during the normal office hours of the MCSA office (without exceptions).
  • Rock Valley Climbing Gym in Pretoria sometimes send us a batch of climbing shoes from their customers. Please enquire at the gym.

Alternatively you can courier your shoes to us.  Our nearest PostNet is in Northcliff, Johannesburg.  Please mark the shoes for the attention of Chris with contact number 083 645 0971.  Please also send us an e‐mail message when your shoes are on the way (info@verticalworld.co.za) so that we can track it. Return postage is not included in our prices – we generally use the PostNet to PostNet courier service at a cost of around R100 per parcel.

When Should I Resole my Climbing Shoes?

  • Have the edges eroded into smooth, rounded tips?
  • Are you climbing on your rand rubber (toe caps or thin rubber sides of the shoes) as opposed to the edges of your soles?
  • Is the fabric under your rubber starting to show through?
  • Are the rands peeling off in many places?

Climbing shoes are not made to last forever. If you climb regularly, you will probably go through at least 2 pairs of shoes a year; more if you climb indoors. Resoling offers you a much cheaper alternative to buying new shoes every time you wear the original rubber out, and it allows you to keep your favourite pair of shoes for another season.

Take a look at your shoes. By taking action sooner, rather than later, you can prolong the life span of your shoes, as there is virtually no limit to the amount of resoles that a well looked after pair can withstand.

What can I do to Maximise the Life of my Climbing Shoes?

  • Make a habit of wiping your shoes with a damp cloth after each use. This will help
    remove grit and other corrosive particles that literally grind the rubber when you climb.
  • Avoid walking around in your shoes when you are not climbing. Besides being uncomfortable, walking in your
    shoes is likely to do more damage than climbing in them.
  • Avoid exposing your shoes to direct sunlight and avoid climbing on very hot rock surfaces.
    Heat weakens the glue which bonds the rubber to the shoes, and will eventually cause your soles to peel away from your shoes.
  • Inspect them regularly, and send them to us if the sole is nearly through to the rand
    (approximately 80% wear)